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Luisa Cintra, Brazil - December 2009

Studied at IEI: May 1991 - 4 months

When I went to Nashville to study English at IEI, I had a dream fulfilled. I had a nice welcome by my host family and enjoyed every single day of my stay there. I learned a lot with my lessons at the institute; still remember Mrs Clark's grammar classes, and I could make very nice friends from different countries. I really wish I could be in touch with those people I met there. It was a unique experience to me!!

Quando finalmente viajei a Nashville para estudar Inglês, foi como se estivesse realizando um sonho. Tive uma ótima acolhida pela família americana que me recebeu e pude aproveitar cada momento que passei por lá. Aprendi muito com as aulas no instituto IEI; até hoje me recordo das aulas da Profª Francis Clark, e também fiz muitos amigos de vários países diferentes. Gostaria imensamente de poder entrar em contato com os ex alunos que conheci por lá, pois posso dizer que esta foi uma experiência única em minha vida.

Cinthia Kazedani Zakabi, Brazil - December 2009

Studied at IEI: January 1996 - 1 month

To me the studying at IEI experience was unique. Twelve whole years passed by and I can still remember all of the great moments I spent with IEI teachers and students from all over the world. Sharing fun, knowledge, and friendship is PRICELESS! I want to thank all of the people who shared unforgettable times with me in 1996, specially Armen Israyelyan from Russia and Yumi Nakashima from Japan. THANK YOU so much!

Marcia Ap. Bertocco Vaz de Arruda, Brazil - December 2009

Studied at IEI: January 1996 - 1 month

I studied there in January, 1996. It was a short period. I couldn't stay longer because of my job here in Brazil, but it was an unforgettable experience for me. All the staff was so lovely and I learned a lot about American culture too. I wish I could come back one day to see the teachers, Nashville again... I'll never forget you my friends!! Thanks a lot for everything!

Shon, Seongjin, South Korea - December 2009

Studied at IEI: May 2004 - 8 months

Thinking back the time, it was really great moment of my life sharing great time with international students and stayed with teachers. Teachers like Jean, Allison, Madelene....etc. I do miss them a lot. I appreciate all teachers helped me a lot to improve my English and made me better person in many ways. :)

As soon as I graduated the university I started working at some film festivals as a freelance writer and then after few months I was hired by an International N.G.O called WTA. We basically help developing countries to make the right sanitation environment. I think all experiences include living experience and learning English in I.E.I became a motivation to get this job. I learned how to communicate with other people and the importance of understanding others to get along with people with different background through I.E.I.

Edineia Pinto, Brazil - January 2007.

I studied at IEI  in 1996. I lived in Nashville for 1 year. It was amazing!! IEI doesn't only teach English in a easy way, but also, gives us so much love, care, it is more like a family. The teachers are specials, very professionals and friendly.

I will never forget such experience!!! I miss everybody there, including my host family and the people whom I have studied with...

If I could, I would do everything again!!!

I love you guys!!!

Joao Pires, Brazil - September, 2006.

I have been studying in this school for over 6 months and I owe a lot for everything that I have learned here. IEI doesn't only teach English, but here I could also learn a lot about American culture. At IEI you are able to have contact with students from many different countries over the world and make friends from places around that you couldn't have imagined that you would have.

Living in a homestay gave me the opportunity to improve my English even faster and easier. I have a lot to thank IEI and all its staff. Thanks

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