We are more than a school; We are a family!

How to Succeed at IEI

Success in each skill and level is a result of the working together of qualified, experienced professional teachers who use a variety of teaching techniques:

  • small class size, allowing for individual attention
  • planned cultural and social activities outside in the English-speaking world in which the students are living;

and serious students who attend all classes, complete homework assignments, and attempt to speak only English outside and inside the classroom. Such students can expect to complete each level in seven weeks.

At IEI, when we decide your level, we do not think how many years of English you have studied or how many books you have finished. We are looking at how well you use English--how well you apply the rules of English.

Important Ways to Learn English

  • Attend all your classes every day

Each class will teach important information and practice necessary things. If you miss the class, you will find it difficult to learn these things by yourself. If you have a BIG problem and must miss the class, e-mail your teacher and explain. A BIG problem means serious sickness, death in the family, an automobile accident, or related event. If you have one of these BIG problems, we want to help you and assist you to catch up on the class work.

  • Be on time for class. 

Classes start exactly on the hour. They end ten minutes before the hour so that you can have a break and be at the next class on time. If you come late, you miss important information and you disturb the rest of your class.

  • Do your homework everyday

There will be about one hour of homework for each hour of class. It is important to do the homework each day. This will help you learn more in the class time. The teachers will check your homework quickly. This will help them understand what problems you have and be able to give you more help. Homework will be a part of your grade for the class.

  • Speak only English in class.
  • Speak only English in the IEI building, lounge, hallways, and classrooms between class.
  • Speak, read, and listen to English everywhere. 

Take advantage of the English-speaking world around you. Bring language samples that you do not understand to your teachers at IEI and let them help you understand. You should learn more English outside of class than inside class. Class should prepare you to go into the English-speaking world around you and learn English. Class should help you learn about English that you hear in the English-speaking world in the USA.

  • Talk to your teachers. Every teacher has office hours. Make appointments to talk to your teachers about language-learning problems.