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Any person 17 years old or older, regardless of race, religion, or nationality may apply.

A U. S. immigration Form I-20 will be issued to a prospective student who applies to the Institute for one full-time term (seven weeks of classes) and who meets the financial requirement.

The student will take his or her passport and the Form I-20 to an American embassy or consulate outside the United States to request an F-1 (Student) Visa.

Students should not enter the U. S. A. on a B-2 (Tourist) Visa with the intent to change to an F-1 Visa upon entering IEI. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may deny such requests and the student will be asked to return to his/her country at once.

Admission to IEI does not constitute or guarantee admission to any university in the United States.


Registration & Payment

New and returning students are strongly encouraged to complete testing on Registration day and begin attending all classes on “Day 1”, the first day of each term.  The early payment discount is only applied if payment is made in full on or before Day 1.

The late registration period ends at 4:00PM on “Day 5”, the fifth day of each term.  F-1 students may register and take placement tests up until Day 5.  All classes will be cancelled if a student has not finished testing, begun attending classes, and paid all tuition & fees (or provided a full financial guarantee (FG) or make payment arrangements with the Executive Director, including a payment of at least half) by Day 5. 

New students will not be counted absent for classes they miss before they register, or while they are taking placement tests. Returning students are counted absent for each day they are not in a class, even if they arrive late.  There is no discount for missed classes and students are expected to catch up on all missed classwork.

New students (non F-1) registering after Day 5 may only take a reading and/or listening class on a space available basis.  The tuition costs may be pro-rated.