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Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is a city of over one and a half million people. Ten major airlines and three interstate highways provide easy access to Nashville. Nashville serves as the state capital as well as the educational, cultural, recreational, religious, and economic center of Middle Tennessee.

As an educational center, Nashville is known as "Athens of the South." Seventeen major colleges and universities, attended annually by more than 40,000 students, are located here.

As a cultural center, Nashville is the home of the Tennessee Center of the Performing Arts which provides a wide range of events featuring international touring companies and Nashville's own symphony orchestra and theater groups.

Surrounded by natural beauty, Nashville is within easy driving distance of many large lakes and state parks. Within the city are recreational facilities, many tennis courts, golf courses, and swimming pools. Nashville has many fine night clubs and enticing restaurants, many featuring delicious international cuisine. Nashville also hosts many of the world's major religions.

As an economic center, Nashville is the home of over 700 industries which manufacture and sell to the world products worth $1.3 billion annually. Nashville is also the center for country music, the home of the "Grand Ole Opry," giving it the title "Music City, USA" Recording studios of major record companies located here attract musicians from country to classical to produce sound and video recordings.

downtown Nashville skyline

fireworks celebration at Riverfront Park

Legislative Plaza


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