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Homestays - Housing

Living in a homestay is one of the best ways for students to get maximum language practice, learn about American culture, and feel like a part of a big family especially if the student is at the lower to intermediate level of language ability.


IEI has many homes with families of various kinds waiting to welcome our students to the United States and to Nashville. The family may be a traditional family with a mother, father, and children at home or grown children living away from home, grandparents who are often retired and have a lot of time to talk, a single parent with a child or children at home, or a single, professional person. In American families usually both parents work, and organizing life at home is a cooperative effort in which you can participate as a family member. IEI students have had good experiences with all types of hosts. IEI provides information about hosts to students and information about students to hosts.


All arrangements for homestays are made by the housing coordinator. A maximum of two students (preferably from different language and cultural backgrounds) are placed in each homestay. English is the common language of the household. Students are expected to participate in home life, carry their share of responsibilities in the home, and abide by the family's rules and guidelines. Homestays are subject to change if either student or host feels that a change is appropriate or there are circumstances making a change appropriate. Students, host families, and the Housing Coordinator stay in close communication to work together to make the homestay a positive experience.


IEI students pay hosts for the opportunity of a homestay. The homestay one-time placement fee is $150, and the monthly fee paid to the host is $550. This amount includes the student's rent, share of the utilities, and food for 14 meals per week (usually breakfast and dinner each day). Students may buy food to prepare a lunch to take to school, or they may eat lunch at a nearby fast food restaurant. Students are placed in homestays where the student can get to and from IEI with reasonable effort. Students may ride the city buses, ride with host or neighbor, or drive a car to school each day. Students must pay their own travel expenses, which may be up to $125 a month.


IEI will send you our housing form if you ask for housing informaition on your appliction, or at any time requested. The form must be completed and returned to IEI at least two weeks before the start of classes, or the student will need to stay in a hotel. IEI's host families are very popular, so please apply well in advance.

Download the housing form.