We are more than a school; We are a family!

Our Courses

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced speaker of English, our classes make the difference that can help you progress quickly.

A strong foundation in grammar will help you to listen to and read English as well as to communicate your ideas effectively in spoken and written English. Small classes allow for maximum individual attention, and our teachers are qualified, caring professionals who share a common goal of helping you to succeed.

We assess each student's English language needs and plan a program to meet these needs. You will be tested and interviewed when you arrive to determine your proficiency levels in speaking, listening, writing, grammar, and reading. We will then recommend the appropriate classes for your individual abilities and needs. Some students are not in the same level for every skill.

IEI's curriculum is divided into six levels and prepares you linguistically for success in university or work through classes in grammar, conversation, writing, reading, and listening.

Advanced students can prepare for the TOEFL, MELAB, or TOEIC tests through a solid knowledge of English and practice in test-taking techniques.

Full-time students receive 20-25 hours of instruction per week for seven weeks per term. Serious students who attend all classes, complete homework assignments, and attempt to speak only English inside and outside the classroom can expect to complete a level each term.