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Curriculum of Our Course

The Curriculum is divided into six levels - beginning with level one for students who have no prior knowledge of English and ending at level six with students who are advanced users of the English language.

Full-time students take four or five courses per day (20 to 25 hours per week). This includes one hour of Speaking, of Listening, of Reading, of Writing, and of Grammar for each level.

The Speaking, Writing, and Grammar classes are group classes in a classroom with students working together communicatively and learning from each other as well as from the teacher.

Writing classes in Levels Four, Five, and Six use the Computer Lab for Internet Research and Word Processing.

The Listening and Reading classes are individualized in a lab with each student working individually on individual needs with a lab director.

Levels One through Five provide a basic foundation in English for all students. Level Six allows a student to concentrate on skills and English necessary for particular needs: personal, professional, business, or academic.

English for Academic Purposes

Students who are planning to attend colleges and universities in the United States are given focused help. Initially, the academic director interviews such students and outlines for each individual student a plan and a time table for achieving this goal. The plan includes:

  • Preparation for the TOEFL Test , TOEIC Test , or Michigan Test (MELAB)
    including linguistic preparation and practice in general test-taking skills and specific skills these tests in the paper version and the new computer-based version
  • Linguistic preparation for successful completion of university programs through concentration on reading skills, writing skills (including a research paper), lecture note-taking skills, and classroom discussion skills
  • Cross-cultural counseling about United States university culture and life--the "American" academic world
  • Assistance in researching and choosing a college or university
  • Assistance in applying to specific colleges and universities