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Academic and Living Expenses

Academic Expenses: One Seven-Week Term

Application Fee (one time fee)
Full-time Tuition (20-25 hours per week)
--- Part-time Tuition ( 5 hours per week) $600.00
--- Part-time Tuition (10 hours per week) $1200.00
--- Part-time Tuition (15 hours per week) $1800.00
Laboratory-Technology Fee
Institute Activity Fee
Medical Insurance (required)
Textbooks (estimated)
Housing Placement Fee (one time fee)

Tuition and fees for each term are due in full at the beginning of each term. Students must make payment in full before entering class. No refunds can be made for failure to complete the entire term.

Medical insurance is required for all F-1 students and dependents. 

A policy is available through IEI, and the estimated costs per term are:
$168 students, $168 children, $390 spouses

If a student is covered in the USA by a comparable policy from the home country ($250,000 minumum coverage), written proof from the insurance company must be shown at registration.

Estimated Living Expenses: Per Month

Host Family (includes 14 meals per week)
Hotel (in Nashville)
Shared Unfurnished Apartment

It is estimated that students at the Institute will need approximately $1,600.00 to cover living and transportation expenses for a two-month term. Prices are approximate and are subject to change. Please check this page for current tuition and fees.