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Tuition and fees for each term are due in full at the beginning of the term for which the student registers.  Students must make payment in full before entering class.  No refunds can be made for failure to complete the entire term.  F-1 students (& dependants) are required to have medical insurance.  A policy is available through the Institute.  If a student is covered in the USA by a comparable policy ($250,000 minimum coverage) from their home country, written proof from the insurance company must be shown at registration.


 One 7-week term   

              Course Dates    
Application Fee          (one-time fee) $50.00      
Full-time tuition:
    2016 2017
20-25 class hours per week
  Jan. 6 - Feb. 26  Jan. 11 - March 3
 Part-time tuition:      March 2 - April 29  March 8 - April 28
5 class-hours per week  $600.00   May 4 - June 24  May 3 - June 23
10 class-hours per week  $1,200.00   June 27 - Aug. 17  June 26 - Aug. 17
15 class-hours per week  $1,800.00   Sept. 6 - Oct. 26  Sept. 5 - Oct. 25
Lab./Technology fee:  $50.00   Oct. 28 - Dec. 21  Oct. 26 - Dec. 20
Institute activity fee:  $30.00      
Medical insurance (required):  $168.00    Students must report to the Institute for registration and placement tests at 8:30 a.m. on the first day of term.  F-1 students are required to study full-time. 
Estimated textbook fee:
Housing placement fee (one-time fee):  $150.00    Special four-week terms and/or Travel-Study dates for groups of at least eight available upon request. 
 Prices are subject to change.       



It is estimated that students at the Institute will need approximately $1,600.00 to cover living expenses and transportation for one two-month term.  Prices are approximate and subject to change.


Host Family:                $550.00 per month  (includes 14 meals per week)

Transportation:           $125.00 per month


IEI will place students into an American family.  IEI has a reliable group of native speakers who appreciate international students & culture. They encourage students to use English in their homes. IEI recommends the use of host families, especially during the first two terms the student is in the USA.

Computer Laboratory Available


Computer usage is a required part of the writing classes levels 4-6.  The International English Institute (IEI) provides a computer laboratory that is available to students.


After application is processed and admission granted, a letter of acceptance will be sent to the applicant.

      In order to obtain an I-20 form, the applicant must send:

  • A completed, signed application
  • $150.00 by bank check, money order, or money transfer. ($50.00 non-refundable application fee plus $100.00 refundable tuition deposit)
  •  An official bank and scholarship letter showing at least $22,100 USD /year.
  • A copy of the passport information page 
  • Copies of Transcripts (classes & grades) from most recent education in home country & all English study in USA.

 After the I-20 is issued, and before the visa interview appointment, the applicant must pay a non-refundable $200 SEVIS fee to the US government at www.fmjfee.com.  This fee may be paid to IEI with the other fees, and then IEI will pay this fee for the student, and send the I-901 receipt with the acceptance documents.  


If the student chooses not to enter the USA nor attend the International English Institute on our I-20 for any reason, the tuition deposit may be refunded (minus any administrative expenses, including bank and courier charges) if the request for refund is received in writing within 4 months of the initial I-20 issue date.  The unused I-20 will be immediately cancelled.



IEI is required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to be assured that all applicants are able to pay all IEI tuition & fees, and living expenses as stated in the IEI brochure.