We are more than a school; We are a family!

Hello! Welcome to International English Institute (IEI)!

Do you want to study English in the United States?

Are you looking for the best place to study English?

Since 1977 we have over 35 years of experience teaching English. During this time, we have taught more than 7,100 students from over 110 countries. We have alumni all over the world. We think it is easier to learn another language in a country where everyone speaks that language. We plan our program to help you get the most from the English-speaking environment here.

Our program is for:

  • people who want to prepare to go to an American college or university for undergraduate or graduate school
  • people who need to learn English for their work
  • people who want to learn English to travel
  • people who just want to learn English for pure fun and intellectual challenge
  • people who want to learn about the culture of the United States
  • people who want to meet other people from around the world in an English-speaking setting
  • people who already live in the United States and want to improve their English